2 NEW 'Ask An Artist' Episodes Are Live! 🎙

Today marks the first two episodes being uploaded for our Ask An Artist podcast!

You can read about the announcement here.

If you want to jump straight to the episodes, I don’t blame you. Links for both episodes are below!

In the first episode, ActionVFX CEO @Rodolphe joins us to kick it all off!


In the second episode, we have none other than Allan McKay, an industry leader in VFX! If you’re interested in high-level visual effects, you have probably heard this name once or twice.



Super excited! I’ll be listening to them as soon as I get the chance! :smiley:

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I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this podcast! @Luke is the best podcast host I have ever heard and hearing the story of how ActionVFX got started is so inspiring! As soon as I get some time I’ll be listening to the Podcast about Allan McKay! Love you all and keep up the good work!


Thanks so much! This was definitely new territory for me, so it’s been a lot of figuring it out as I go. :slight_smile: I really appreciate you saying that! :pray:

Next week’s episode (Monday) is Ryan Connolly of Film Riot. And after that, we’ve got a lot more coming your way. So be on the lookout!


I am so excited! Love you Luke!

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