"Absolom" Science Fiction Short: Teaser / Work-in-Progress

This is little teaser/work-in-progress for a sci-fi project I’ve been working on for the past few months, inspired by footage that Valentina Vee shot on a spaceship set and was kind enough to let me play with. I’ve got some music and sound effects laid out, though some SFX may be temporary. I’m hoping to be done with this thing in a week or two. I’ve still got one more CG shot do, some additional VFX for the live-action elements, and record a little dialogue. There’s not much dialogue as this thing will only end up being about a minute-and-a-half, but it teases a larger story. It’s why I think of this piece as less of a short and more of a conceptual “cold open.”

Adobe After Effects
Maxon Cinema4D
VideoCopilot Element3D, Orb, OpticalFlares
Red Giant Particular

Music: Chivalry by Tea Time (purchased from PremiumBeat)

EX-08 Spacecraft Transport and Scout by ShaunTWilliams (downloaded from SketchFab)

Scifi Space Cruiser by RealtimeCGI (downloaded from TurboSquid)

Free SF Fighter 3D model by CGPitbull (downloaded from TurboSquid)

Malabar Medium Transport by bszlrd (downloaded from SketchFab)

The nebula came from an asset pack called Interstellarium by Andy Dominique Rak.

Drone Camouflage Colour 3D Model by ElvinT (downloaded from TurboSquid)

The planet’s city lights were part of “Coruscant - Star Wars Planet Texture,” downloaded from CGTrader and created by ShinyMan.

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Cool! Keep going!

This is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!

Thank you both!

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Nice job.

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Killer work!! well done

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Wow! Sci-Fi’s have always been hard for me to pull off. This looks incredible!

Thank you!

Absolutely! You deserve it!

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Great stuff! :+1:
Full speed ahead :point_right: we want to see more!


Thank you! More is coming. I’m hoping to be done sometime next week. The following if other priorities interfere.

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