ActionVFX subreddit is live! Go there and post now!

Hello again everyone! Long time no see!

I had a genius idea about creating an ActionVFX subreddit! I think it would be another good place to post creations, ask questions and more!

Who’s in?

  • Yes!
  • No!

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3 voted for yes so far!
How about five and I’ll do it?

I voted, so you get 5!! Cheers!

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Alright! Should it just be r/actionvfx?

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Oh, and should it be a public subreddit (Anybody can read, join and post)
Restricted subreddit (Anybody can read but you need to be invited to join)
Or private subreddit (Only invited people can read and post)?

I’m definitely a fan of the idea! The only downside of online communities is how hard it is to get them to really pick up. For example, this forum gets decent traffic, but it’s still nowhere near the engagement level I’d like to see.

What would you suggest to improve on that?

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Maybe we could make the subreddit more appealing with ActionVFX images? We also need people on this forum to create first posts on the subreddit so it doesn’t appear dead.

Creating another forum will dilute traffic to this forum,
Not saying that it is a waste of time but that is what will happen plus,
You’re creating a lot of extra work for yourself when you already have an established forum right here.

Why build two forums when this one isn’t performing at the stage which you would like it to be?
This Forum is beautiful… Reddit is not beautiful… not even a little bit.

Creating multiple forums is a wicked way to segregate and alienate possible new customers even though you will get a little traffic from it.

Focusing on directing traffic to this forum “which is already established and set up beautifully” is the easiest and simplest solution and won’t require too much extra work.

One way is If you start sharing more of what your forum users are doing with your assets and their preferred compositing apps along with your usual tuts and adverts… you’ll get a lot more interest and traffic when everyone shares on social platforms like Twitter.

There are a bazillion vfx artists on Twitter and they are always sharing works from people in their respective Cliques and social circles.

Everyone wins when you help each other out with a little promotion.

More contests are really easy.

I haven’t made the time to watch any, but your “Ask an Artist” videos are a great idea so more of those are a prime candidate. Let me ask… have you ever had a traditional, real-world artist that adopted VFX as an art form on your show?

“How to live streams” are a prime example and is something that I’ve been working towards while I recover from childhood TBI.

Livestreams are where it is at. :grinning:


This has made me think differently about this whole idea. Would this forum add traffic to the subreddit, or would it dilute the traffic?
But after all, this is a poll/vote. Currently it is at 100% “Yes!”. If it makes you feel comfortable with this, then we can disable the subreddit if it doesn’t work out.


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Did you mean “Restricted”?
Why not make a poll.

  • Public
  • Restricted
  • Private

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I think I might go ahead with it. I have the description etc. planned out. Don’t worry, @spydurhank , I will disable the subreddit if it doesn’t work out very well, or if it does slow down this forum. It will be r/actionvfx and it will be restricted. The only thing is who will get moderator permissions. I was thinking that people with a certain trust level on this forum and a certain amount of reddit karma should get mod. Just want confirmation for those who voted yes :grinning:

I’m a fan of the exposure, but I personally don’t have a Reddit account? I’ll peek in to Reddit if it looks like a useful search hit, but my eperience is it’s really hit or miss on the troll bait factor. I would say go for it, but be prepared to walk away from it degrades.

My two cents is that this is the best place for us to discuss our needs/wants/projects? Ultimately we’d want a more active community here vs Reddit? Maybe if we had a section to cross post new products and had a referal back to this fourm? Using the search weight that Google gives Reddit for our own purposes would just be good businees. However, I would be more likely to support something that created synergy vs separation.

We do need to keep our momentum up. I’m sure Artlist intends to use the millions of contacts it accuired from its purchase of Hitfilm to leverage its stock film/effects holdings. I definitely think Actionvxf is both a better value and a better product. We just need to let everyone else know that.

My gut tells me they’ll be sub, low monthly, with ties to assets; x number free, something like that. We’ll see, but I’d rather we had the asset business. :smiley:

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In the description, I will include a link back to this forum which hopefully might get some users on this forum. Hopefully they would both support each other. I guess I’ll go for it tomorrow.

The subreddit is now live at

To get approved and post, PM me your Reddit username and I will approve you, or send a request to post on Reddit along with your username here.

Because the subreddit has been slow to start, I will change it to public. There is a link in the description to this forum, so hopefully the traffic here should get a boost.

I posted on there! Could you make us a moderator?

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Sure! On it now!

I kindly ask that everyone who sees this post goes over to the the subreddit and makes a post. This will help it grow during its early stages. :chart_with_upwards_trend: