AE, Motion or Fusion

Just getting into vfx and use both fcp and resolve. Just wondered if you think after effects, motion or fusion are better for this. I like the look of motion but there’s hardly any content out there for it. Fusion looks easier to use than after effects for me.


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Hey Matt,

All of the three listed programs are great for compositing. As far as picking one to start out in, pick the one you have access too and feel you will work best in. Similar results can be achieved in all of them, you will just get to that result in a slightly different manner for each one. One example being that fusion is node based and After Effects is layer based. If you use resolve frequently, you should already be familiar with a node based work flow. Many people that are skilled in photoshop that switch into compositing video choose After Effects as they are already familiar with the layer based workflow.

When starting out in VFX, I think it’s very crucial to focus on the concept of what you are doing. For example, if you are learning how to chroma key, learn WHAT you are doing and why it is happening. Don’t learn just how to pull a key in After Effects without understanding what is going on. If you understand the mechanics behind it, you will be able to open any keying software and have a solid idea of what to do even if you are unfamiliar with the layout or tools. So whenever you do decide to start in a specific program, learn what you are doing and try to understand it and you will best set yourself up for the future. Some programs handle different things better than others (like manipulating 3D data in Nuke versus animating elements for motion graphics in AE), but until you get to that point just learn the fundamentals in your software of choice. At the end of the day, the software you decide to go with won’t make your shot look any better. What will take your shot to the next level is understanding what you have to accomplish, and which tools you can use to get there.


Thanks for the reply. I’m comfortable (ish) with nodes in Resolve so will stick with that then. Just didn’t want to spend a lot of time on fusion to find out that there is certain things that are impossible to do in Fusion and I would have better spent my time in something else.

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If you are primarily using resolve to edit, then fusion would be a fantastic choice to start out in VFX since it’s already inside of your workflow. We have some compositing tutorials using Fusion on the ActionVFX YouTube channel I would reccomend checking out, starting with this one. There are plenty of other beginner tutorials using Fusion online as well. Once you start getting the hang of it and learning the principles of what is happening, you can even watch tutorials in other programs and apply the same concepts to pull it off. I saw a user in this forum watch the newest breaking glass tutorial in AE and recreate the same effect inside of HitFilm. Props to that user because that takes a great detail of understanding, and proves that they fully understood what they were doing which results in the best results.

Have fun on your journey into VFX. Remember everyone here started out where you are now and had to learn to get to whatever level they are at now. So don’t be discouraged if your first composite isn’t blockbuster movie level quality, spoiler: it won’t be. Learn the fundamentals and don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are tons of experienced visual effects artists in this forum who would be happy to assist you. When you get some shots done, post them here. I’d love to see them!


Thanks. Will be working on something this weekend coming so will pop up the result!