Alternate Opening to the Battle of Yavin

This was conceived as another demo of my hyperspace environment/reflection map and inspired by the opening shot to the Battle of Scarif in Rouge One.

While in hyperspace, the model is lit only by the map a faint ambient light set to 5%.

For those interested, I plan to make a tutorial covering creating the hyperspace enter/exit, hyperspace tunnel, and creating an equirectangular map using After Effect’s VR tools. Also, if anyone needs some VFX for their fan film, message me. :slight_smile:

Adobe After Effects
Red Giant Trapcode Particular
VideoCopilot Element 3D & VCOrb

The X-Wing and R2-D2 models came from VideoCopilot’s Star Wars Model Pack.
The Y-Wing was created by Alan “Hawk” Hart with textures by Andeew March.
Yavin’s textures were created by “Topa” and Dan North.

Music from Rouge One by Michael Giacchino and John Williams


And that’s a very nicely done shot. Very nice how it all kind of turns into the 1997 version right at the end. :+1:

Thank you. That’s the vibe I was going for in the second half of the shot.

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Aimed for and got! :+1:

For a short moment, I (no joke) actually thought this was something from a modern Star Wars production - Due to the quality. Great job man. Keep it up!

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It really is nicely done! Welcome to the community Jonas!

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Thank you!