Are the gun sfx still free to subscribers?

When I go to download the gun SFX I get a message saying it will cost credits even though the collection is marked as free for subscribers.

Hey @jonbignold, are you subscribed to the Starter plan? The Free for Subscribers collections are only available to Basic, Basic Plus, Pro and Pro Plus subscribers.
Hope this helps out!

Hello. I have the BASIC plan. It works fine for all the free for subscribers collections of video assets but when I go to download the audio fx I get a warning that it will use credits, even though I am logged in and subscription is enabled. See screenshot. Any ideas?

Hey! Thanks for sharing. That would appear to be a bug. @andrewsmith, is this a known issue?

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Hi @jonbignold, thanks for the report here. This is definitely an issue. I’ll follow up by the end of the day with a resolution.

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@jonbignold, We’re all set. I found and fixed the issue, please try again and report back if you run into any other problems!