"Ask An Artist" - with Ryan Connolly

Hey everyone!

Super excited to share this weeks podcast guest with you all. This week we have Ryan Connolly from FilmRiot. I can only speak for myself but the FilmRiot YouTube channel was critical in my younger years for my development as a filmmaker. Go check it out, and if you’re feeling generous you can leave us a nice review :smirk: :mechanical_arm:

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This is awesome! I’m getting ready to listen to the podcast right now!:smiley:

Awesome! Let us know what you think.

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I really love it when you all share how you started off and what tools you were using when you started and how it all worked out in the end! It’s very inspiring! I have really been enjoying these podcasts and I am really excited for more to come!:laughing:

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Always loved Film Riot. Ryan and family are just amazing talents.


I couldn’t agree more! They’re great.