Blender vs Cinema 4D

Greetings! Just recently I got the chance to intern in NYC and I’ve been working on some title/opener projects that have required me to use blender as well as C4D to work with 3D models.

I honestly don’t have that much knowledge about either of these programs, and before I start investing time to learn one, I wanted to ask if anyone had any experience using them.

Some things I’ve been thinking are:

  • What are the main similarities/differences between the two?
  • What are their strengths?
  • Is blender actually on/near the same level as C4D while still being a free program?
  • Do blender and After Effects work together nearly as well as AE and C4D do? (going to guess this is a no :joy:)
  • Is there another program that’s better than both of these?

Anyway just wanted to throw it out there and see what some more experienced people thought about these programs! :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Caleb,
The main difference is that Blender is free and C4D is not!. I believe both are good and you can achieve similar results. There are a lot of comparisons on youtube if you want to go into technical details. I have started on C4D because it is very user friendly and it is easy to use with After Effects. Maxon team is very active and they improve the soft constantly. Also I love using C4D with Octane because it is providing real time render. Anyway, the benefit you can get from these kind of softwares is proportional to the time you will spend on them…AE+C4D is a good deal i believe. I will let Blender users give their opinion because i’m not the right person. Hope this helps…


While I haven’t used C4D, I do know that blender can do a lot of things! If you’re just starting out, I recommend you try blender.


I’d like to learn C4D but the cost is a bit out of reach as I don’t draw an income from VFX work yet.



Thank you so much! Yea that definitely helps and I totally understand why C4D would be easier in terms of customer support and things like that as it has a lot more money invested in it.


Blender is better for modelling and many other tasks. If you want to use 3D in a motion graphics workflow then C4D is king.

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But the best part is you can incorporate your other work in blender into a composite shot or even create a CG animation!
By the way, welcome to the forum!

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And blender also lets you create 3D animations!

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I’ll end up looking at Blender I think at some point. I had to drop my C4D Sub as I think Boris FX suits my needs more and I can’t afford both given I’m merely a hobbyist / amateur player.

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Many, many comparisons between Blender and product X out there. Here is one for Blender vs Maya:

The choice is not just about features or cost. A large consideration is the cost of change.

I have spoken to 50+ different VFX and Animation firms in the last year. Very few are using Blender as part of their pipeline - yet. I have not spoken to a single VFX firm that is not exploring making a switch to Blender.

A few recent animation grads I know all learned to use Maya in school. All tell me that when they interview they generally get asked if they have experience with Blender.

Blender has matured a lot in last few years. The economics of Blender as a product a pretty simple - it’s free. But the economics of changing to Blender are complex. Companies already have paid for other tools, their workflows a built around a specific tool chain, and risk of project impact is a bit scary.

I think we will see new VFX and Animation companies start using Blender from Day One. Existing firms will likely need to move more slowly.

I’ll post back if I find someone who has decided to move to Blender in a serious way.