Blood in Water - Upcoming Collection

Hi all!

We are currently planning to film a blood in water collection in the upcoming weeks. We want to know what you would like to see for the different variations included in the collection!

These are the different variations we’ve thought of so far:

  • Blood dispersing in water. This would be useful for shark attack scenes or a character being attacked in water.

  • A motion variation as it’s dispersing to simulate something moving in the water.

  • Blood flowing in water. Think of scenes for showers, sinks, and streams.

Is there anything else that would be useful to add to this collection? Let us know, we would love to hear!


I love the blood in sinks idea!

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Emitter/Source being dragged underwater… ?

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Yes! That would be really great! It would be so useful!

Hmmm…thinking maybe splash or two onto a vertical wet/running/dripping surface? Like shower walls?

You have elements that could be combined and blended to do this, but I was just thinking part of the point is to create assests that inspire and save time.


This collection is already making my stomach turn. :rofl:


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