Burning Steel Wool - What are you going to create with these?

I’m really excited to have these Burning Steel Wool assets out! There are so many creative things to make with them.

What are some creative ways these could be used? I know you all will have some great ideas!


Those are absolutely incredible! I think that they would be perfect for motion graphics or maybe paired with an explosion!

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Yes! Motion graphics would be a great use. Some great logo reveals or transitions.

I would love to see some used for sci-fi disintegration and planet destruction!

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These sure do look amazing!


These were actually used in a recent music video to do a wardrobe transition, and it looked pretty sick:

I can see these also working well for blaster impacts. Like, imagine a scorch mark caused by a laser or other energy weapons.


Ya, thanks for sharing that shot!

Blaster impacts would be a perfect use for these.


These look great! I’ve done this with a 9V and steel wool before, but I don’t remember it being so dramatic!

It would look good as the effect of a placed sci fi demo charge or droid attack, say for a hull breach.

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Ya, good ideas!! And they were so satisfying to film as I’m sure you know haha


Would be good for a regeneration effect, the previous body burning away.


That’s a great idea!

I think it was used in this

Great idea @jules1982!

And they sure were @actionvfx3!

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