Camera Tracker Shootout

Hi everyone!

I’m currently mainly using Syntheyes for my cam tracking. The UI is horrible (IMHO) but the results are great. You have great control and you can manage also really difficult shots with it, if you know how to talk to it.

But I feel that every-day stuff is simply too tedious with it.

So I’m wondering. What are you using for your run-of-the-mill camera tracking work?

I’m not talking planar tracking - just cam tracking, maybe 3D object tracking.

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Hi Johannes!

I’m curious if you found a solution to your question? Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer, but I’ve pondered the same question! Did you stick it out with Syntheyes or find a more elegant solution?

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Hey zaubermac,

I took a peek at PFTrack - but the only slightly better UX over Syntheyes does not justify the horrific price point. And the tracking quality and features of Syntheyes were never in dispute - it gives excellent results, if you can tame the beast :slight_smile:

So for simple stuff I use the builtin After Effects camera tracker (for 2D I of course use Mocha) or the one in Fusion Studio.

But for demanding shots I still rely on Syntheyes - and am getting more and more used to the quirky UI…

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Thanks for the update! I’ve used the Mocha in Hitfilm a bit, tackling Fusion is next on my list. I’ll get a bit more practice, then download the demo. It’s often recommended in reviews and conversation, so it must have some redeeming qualities!

I was looking through the documentation, they still have instructions for exporting to Shake. Nice to see a company that recogizes you may have software more than 2 yo…

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