Can someone help me with tracking on this window?


So I’m trying to learn how to track the window above so that I can insert glass. I’ve tried 3d camera tracking/tracking points/mocha and mocha pro

I can’t seem to get a solid track regardless of what I attempt. Any help in figuring out how would be super super appreciated.


Hey! I have two questions to help me fully understand what you are working towards.

Are you working in After Effects or another program?

And second, are you wanting the glass to be a 3D layer so you can position it to fit the window once tracked?

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I’m working in after effects. I gave this a go a couple of months back ( when ActionVFX released a tutorial for this, but that tutorial was for a straight on window, not one that had a perspective change. I think that’s the problem that I’m running into.

I’m surprised the 3D camera track didn’t work. Was it not able to solve or was there another issue? I would think you should be able to apply the same technique from that tutorial to this shot.

The 3d track was able to “mostly” work. The issue came from the perspective change. Trying to figure out what else I can do to push it to the next level (in terms of the glass not sliding around).
After the 3d track, I tried to manually adjust the position/rotation/scale
I followed the tutorial with the original footage and it worked great, that tutorial though was just the camera moving straight towards the window.

Ok, I think I might know what the issue is. I bet it’s the lens distortion. Looking at the original clip, I think you might be seeing some slight drifting because there is lens distortion. The two ways that I know of how to remove and then add back lens distortion is with Mocha Pro and RedGiant Complete. Do you have either of those by chance?

Thank you.
I have access to mocha pro and some of the red giant suites. Not sure exactly if the computer I work on has Complete. Which effects from that suite would be needed?

Great! In Mocha Pro, the lens module is where you can remove lens distortion.

And this is the tool that Red Giant has.


Lol pretty sure I have found the impossible clip. This does not want to track xD

Still no luck even with undistorting for the track and re-distorting after you add the window?

Maybe I used the red giant plugin wrong?

What I did was:
Apply the effect on frame 1 of the video
Draw out some straight lines on multiple edges (bricks/window frame)
Hit the button to add the un-disorted video into its own composition
Inside of the un-disorted comp, I used a camera track to create a 3D camera and a ground plane
I bring in my window comp and set that to a 3D layer and I put it in position.
It still slides

I would suggest PFTrack so you can adjust the accuracy of the track slowly by eliminating low quailty track points and bad frames. The ability to see the overall quality of yea Kong data and refine it is crucial on high end 3D tracks.

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That does sound like the correct process. Hate that it still isn’t working.

Good idea @mattsfinley, I have never used it myself but have heard great things about it!

Thanks I’ll check that out