Car Dust Trails and Ship Wakes

For an upcoming project I’ll be needing to do a large amount of compositing ships into ocean/water background plates, as well as vehicles driving on dirt/sandy roads. I think there would be a lot of demand for ship bow wave/wake stock elements that could be used to blend composited 3d elements into background plates, as well as looping dust cloud trails to composite in behind moving vehicles.

Are either of these effects planned for upcoming release?


Hey @Joskie, welcome to the forum!

ActionVFX has a release schedule of all their upcoming collections here:

If you want to make a product request you can do that here:


Hey @Joskie welcome to the forum! These are great ideas and have been requested by others as well. We aren’t currently working on these collections but we hope to create these effects in the future. If you have any other requests or details you would like to share, the link to the request page that JtJutsVFX shared is the perfect place to put those and we would love to hear more you would like to see.

Thanks @JtJutsVFX for sharing those links!