Catching up with the Battle Box and Supporting Charity

Hey, my friends at Humble Bundle sent me an email about a promotion my friends at ActionVFX set up with them. Small World!

So, Humble Bundle sells products for promotional pricing for companies and donates part of the proceeds to charity. Great company, I’ve bought a lot of things from them including: games, books, and software; and now I can add VFX to the list!

I do have a question about the 3 month sub coupon that’s included. If I redeem it, will it change/cancel my current sub or extend it? If it changes or cancels it, will I lose my current avail credits? I’ll hold off on it until I hear back.

Here’s the link, if you want to check it out:

Hey @zaubermac!

That’s awesome, I’m so glad you were able to pick up one of those Humble Bundles. We always love getting to partner with them to raise money for charity!

And that’s a great question about if you have an existing plan. I’m going to ensure that you’re able to utilize everything included in the bundle without disrupting your current plan. :slight_smile:

To do this, I’ll be swapping out your redemption code and will add that amount of credits to your existing account. Would you mind DM’ing me here with your redemption code received from Humble Bundle as well as your ActionVFX account email associated with the subscription?

I’ll get that updated as quickly as possible for you!

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Thanks! Sending DM now!

This is all good timing; I’m setting up a new computer I ordered for doing some VFX project noodling and this will be a Box of good ideas! And my teenagers haven’t used all the internet for the month :smiley:

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This is a monster deal if you don’t have these. 2k and 4k version, starting at $25.

They’ve already sold over 800 of these in less than 24 hrs!

I hope we see some new subs!

Any chance they get a get a shout out about the forum in the email response to the sub code redemption?

We’re on the same wavelength! :brain: New subscribers do receive and email that let’s them know about the forum. So hopefully we’ll be having some new members here very soon!

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This promotion has been pretty amazing by my standards; ActionVFX and Humble Bundle have sold over 4K bundles so far, 2 days left!

If you don’t have this, this is a no brainer content-wise! This includes the 2k and the 4k files, so if you could only afford the 2k when it first came out, this a solid upgrade for a donation of as little as $25 and it helps charity!!

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