Could all the collections have filenames that make it easier to find the clip you need?

Some collections have filenames that help find the clip you want eg. “Energy_Burst_Side_1” but others like the Fireballs collection, though they have a description on the website (eg. “Large Fireball Side 1”), when you download the files they are called “” etc. The filenames aren’t giving very clear info on what that particular fileball clip is of (not showing that it’s the large fireball from the side). So it would help if the filenames could all show the more meaningful names like other clips do. Also I think it would be better for the user if clip number started at 1 (otherwise people might think they’ve mistakenly not downloaded some).

Similar for the assorted trees collection. The file names could include the type of tree it was (though I suppose you could also have different collections for different tree types). It might also help if some were real trees but I assume they’d be harder to create and you wouldn’t be able to have the .EXR.

Also what might help is having a .pdf for each collection that you could download that could show a representative frame of each clip and the filename so you might be able to find the one you wanted quicker.

Hey @vfx200, thanks for the suggestions!

I would say over 95% of our collections have names that match on the website and on the actual file name. But yes, there are less than 10 or so products from 2016 that didn’t have that when we first launched the company. Fireballs is one of them. Perhaps that’s something our team could go back and fix. Hey @zac could you make a note of this? It’s time for us to address this issue.

Regarding the “Assorted Tree” collection, they don’t suffer from that problem. The names match on the website and on the file names.

We plan on naming future tree and plant products more specifically in the future. We didn’t do it for this collection because while these were inspired by real trees, they weren’t modeled exactly to be a specific tree species. In the future we’ll have collections based on specific real-life species (down to the very last detail), so they’ll have names like “Oak Tree 1” etc.


Yes, we can make that happen!