Credits and Collections

Hi, I would like to know how many credits the collections cost, preferably Muzzle Flash vol. 1 and dust explosions (how many credits are they separately). I would like to buy the subscription but dont know the price of each collection in credits. Thanks

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Welcome to the community Sam! Most of the collections just cost as many credits as they have assets in them. The Dust Explosions collection will cost 20 credits because it includes 20 individual assets. Now the Muzzle Flashes Vol.1 collection won’t cost 57 credits even though it includes 57 assets. This is because one the assets is actually just a bundle of muzzle flash PNG’s(still images) so those don’t cost as much as an actual video file. I think it costs 2 or 4 credits to unlock that PNG bundle. Once you are subscribed every time you try to unlock something it will notify you exactly how many credits you will spend when you unlock it. The final credit cost of the Muzzle Flashes Vol.1 collection would be around 17 to 19 credits and the Dust Explosions collection will cost 20 credits. I hope this is clear! I will be glad to help if you have any other questions!

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so in total it would be 49 credits? is there a plan to get 50 because I only found 30 credits max

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Sorry for the delayed response! You can buy extra credits once you are subscribed but they are more expensive coming in at $3.99 per credit in 2K and $6.99 in 4K.

If I am doing the math correctly, the total for both complete collections would be around 40 credits.

Hey @thewesternrider44! You can find out the credit cost of any item by clicking the “Unlock” button. After clicking the button, a pop-up will appear that lets you know how many credits it will cost. As seen below:

Typically, the collection’s “credit” cost will equal to the number of individual clips in the collection. So if there are 20 clips in the collection, it would cost 20 credits to unlock the entire collection (you can still unlock individual clips if you don’t want the entire collection).

The only time that doesn’t apply is for collections that include bundles within the collection, like Muzzle Flashes Vol 1, or Blood Splatter.

Muzzle Flashes Vol 1 costs 18 credits. Dust Explosions cost 20 credits.

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You do have to be subscribed to see that confirm unlock pop-up however.