Dirt Blasts are the best

I was asked to film and edit a WW1 action scene for a theatre production here in Australia. And actionvfx came with the clutch :pouch:



Man! Great job compositing those Dirt Blasts! Also, welcome to the forum!

Bruce Willis Party GIF by IFC

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I just got off my PC after 10 hours in front of my composting software, so just pretend I wasn’t too lazy to find Hans Gruber falling, and recomp the shot so he falls to invisibility, then 17 frames later* a dust hit at “ground level” ala Wile E. Coyote.

fail looney tunes GIF

*according to Chuck Jones’ autobiography, it’s always a 17 frame gap between Wile E. fading from view and the final splat.

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Great job with that! It looks awesome!

That really does look great.

Great job on this shot!