Dust Explosion Tutorial

Hello Everyone, I’m a huge fan of Action VFX work and I bought a lot of stuff so far. can we please have a tutorial on how can we composite dust explosions to look more realistic? thanks in advance!

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Have you seen Lendon’s tutorial on this?


Welcome to the forum @georgionawfal883! I can’t believe we haven’t yet made a tutorial that goes over our Dust Explosions. This would be a good subject to cover soon @danasa.

In the meantime Georgio, just let us know if you have any specific questions on using our Dust Explosions and we’ll do our best to help you.


Some general considerations:

Look at the lighting in your scene vs the dust element. You can flop the BG or dust, but, if the light in the scene is, say, from the left, and the dust is lit from the right, then the composite just won’t work. This is your number 1 consideration. I’ve seen hundred+ million dollar shows where they didn’t match lighting and it looks terrible every time.

Remember your color correction tools. These will vary, depending on your software, but you probably have Hue/Saturation, Curves and Color Wheels. The dust elements are mostly gray, which is the right choice to allow alteration of the elements, but in something like a forest, loamy soil would be darker. Something like beach or desert would be tan/orange. Curves is usually the go-to here as it can both tint, and adjust contrast to match your footage.

Don’t forget cast shadows. There are several ways to go about this, depending on your software.

Light wrap is your friend against a bright sky background.

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not a dust explosion tutorial (:

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thank you guys!! you’re the best :heart:

Thanks my friend! valuable information


Glad to help! :grin:

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Ooops! You are right… my bad!

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Great idea! We would love to see this in the future @danasa!:blush:

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Super excited!