Every FX on a hard drive

One of my friend was asking me for a SSD which contains all the fx I have bought ever, I would have given him, but unfortunately all of the fx I have currently would require a 30TB server, because I have almost 27TB of assets. Which is too much.

I was looking if there was a product on actionvfx that would give all of its assets on a hard drive with home delivery. I don’t know his budget and requirement, but I would ask him once he wakes up.

Edit:- His budget is around 8k (usd) and he is wanting to get that much for all his future needs, so he doesn’t need to search again that often.

@Ar_D Greetings!

In the past, they had offered a drive of all available assests. I’m not seeing the link to it at the moment. However, their collection, like yours, has grown substantially even in the last few months! It may also be that I’m just missing it. :thinking:

Staff are on forum frequently during the week, I’m sure they can help you work out something!

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Thanks, I also do see the link, but it doesn’t link to the product itself. I wish if they have it again.

P.S:- I think I have heard your username somewhere else, it was in my notifications, but don’t exactly remember which community was it.

Hey @Ar_D! The ActionVFX Drive has been discontinued, but there are better ways to get ahold of the library in its place! Tell your friend they can email sales@actionvfx.com for more info.

One note on the sharing of files you mentioned. It’s a violation of our license agreement if you had shared your files with your friend. You can find the full License Agreement here.

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@Ar_D I’m not in a lot of places, but I do pop in over at Hitfilm and Vegas forums from T2T. There’s a fair amount of crossover actually. I’m fairly noob VFX wise, but I’ve spent my large parts of my life leading and training in the military and customer service, so it’s basically complusive to be helpful at this point! :smiley:

Good to have you on the forum and looking forward to seeing what you and your friend build with all those effects!

Nice to meet you @Cody , I will surely message him the email address and tell what he needs to do. I don’t know if he has got one or not yet, but if he still needs it, he would contact there.

I do know that, I would have transferred the licenses by contacting the company if I was to send him any file. Yet now, I have not shared any except a glitch transition I made myself.

Ya, wait, I remember I saw you on the hitfilm community. Nice to meet you again.