Feedback for War vfx shot

Hi all.

I made this visual effects shot today took me 2 and a bit hours. would love some feedback on how I can improve.

(No sound yet. was using a different computer that did not have my sfx library)


awesome work!
Nice work with the gun effects! muzzle flash, bullet shells, all looking good!

the first thing I noticed is the fire seems to be in front of the tall grasses. Rotoscoping those grass may be difficult, but you could try pulling a simple key. If you look at it, the layers of smoke behind those grass actually provided a “white screen” background to the grass, which means you could isolate grass from the shot.

If you are using After Effects, try creating a rough mask around those tall grass, put them on top of the fire, and get rid of the white background; either by using Extract or just changed the blending mode to Multiply

Also, the tracking on the fire seems a bit jittery, is it 3D camera tracking or 2D point track?

I have an AE tutorial featuring the use of extract to remove background here minutes 01:04

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions. The shot is already looking great, really looking forward to the sound fx!

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Hey Sam, overall that looks pretty good! Along with @danasa’s tip, one thing that I noticed is that the fire is not perfectly tracked on to the ground. It seems to drift a minuscule amount towards the end of the shot, it’s so minor it might not really matter however😄. Another thing that I noticed is that those muzzle flashes are perhaps overexposed considering it’s a sunny day out in that shot.
Hopefully this is helpful!

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