Floating Particles - Upcoming Collection

We are currently planning for more collections with floating particles. We currently have a few of these but I’m curious what you all would like to see more of. I know fireflies are bugs, but I feel like they give a great atmosphere to night scenes and that is something I’ve been thinking on.

Are there any specific particles you’d like to see more of?


Fireflies are a great idea!

Maybe underwater bubbles? twinkling stars? leaves in the wind? It’d be more stylized but the bokeh spice particles in Dune are pretty cool. Could be cool to see some particles interacting with the lens during the shot. Like a bridge between particle and lens dirt collections. Maybe some burst or explosion versions of popular particles like embers.

Thanks for creating great collections!


Yes! It would be nice to see some fireflies, maybe heavy dust, the type you can barely see in.

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Underwater bubbles would be cool!

  • Underwater bubbles
  • Falling leaves
  • Fireflies
  • Underwater dust particles

Those would be great!


Underwater bubbles seems to be a hit!

With bubbles, are you all thinking big bubbles from a vehicle being submerged, a person breathing underwater, or a mix of all of the above? Camera above surface or beneath surface? Anything come to mind where you would have benefited from bubbles or could in future projects? I would love to hear more of what you all are thinking!

I was thinking of bubbles coming from an unknown substance under water, but now, everything that you just said would be so useful!