Found this creepy Datamosh / Compression artifact effect - Any idea how to recreate?

I’ve been experimenting with datamosh 2.0 in after effects, but cant get anything that evolves like this in such a sinister way.


Hey @jamesdavidsonmedia , welcome to the forum!

So I’ve played around with Datamosh 2.0 a little bit, and I might be able to help you out.

I would think this effect can be achieved by using the “Multiply” option for when you go to mosh. Before you mosh though, slow the effect down before you export it. It should give you a “slower mosh” when it brings it back into After Effects. Then I think with some roto work, you can have different pieces from the mosh overtop of your original footage. This will allow you to pick what pieces you want from that moshed clip. From there you can fade the effect in and out to make it slowly disappear and reappear. I would love to see what you come up with! Datamosh is super fun to play with, and you can get some very unique and crazy outcomes.


Hey Grace,

Thanks so much for your big response! That’s super helpful.

Just wanted to clarify how I’d go about slowing down the effect before exporting? Do you literally mean I should time remap the moshed footage before I roto it onto the original? Or is there something I can do within the plugin?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey @jamesdavidsonmedia !

No problem! And yes, I think time remapping the mosh itself could help you achieve that effect in the video. I haven’t found anything specifically in the plugin, but there might be something! There’s so many settings to play with in Datamosh 2.0. You make me want to jump in AE to do some more crazy moshing! Good luck!

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