Foundry vs Built-in camera tracker (after effects)

I have not used foundry for tracking ever (in ae, otherwise I always use it in hitfilm pro), but I do have a valid install already got in 2017, I am trying to find which of the tracker is better.

Foundry Camera Tracker or Built-in 3D camera track?

I want to recommend the Foundry tracker because I know it has some great features for 3D tracking and matchmove. However, with it being discontinued and no longer having support for AE, I would be hesitant to recommend it.

Have you looked into Syntheyes or PFtrack?


So I can stick with the built-in, but I will also try the foundry, because I still run the CC 2015 on the dual boot.

Yes, I have looked PFtrack, never tried it personally.

But the cost is way too much, I mean, I would like a subscription under 60$, not a one time pay of 1600$.

Are there any cheap or free ones.

I definitely understand that, those aren’t the cheapest trackers around.

It depends on what you are wanting to do, but Mocha AE has a lot of great features for free, but aside from that I would probably just suggest the built-in tracker.

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