FUIS ! (Run away) by Pablo Delamarche


I recently released a short film that I am particularly proud of, if you can give me some advice,
I would love it

Thank You

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Thanks for sharing Pablo! You should feel proud of this! You did an excellent job here!
I think one thing that could be improved is that the camera was really shaky at times but overall you did a great job!

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Thank you very much for your feedback! I will take it into account for my next achievements

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Really great work! There are so many really cool shots, the muzzle flash FX is great as well.
My advice is the scale for the explosion at 1:35, maybe it should be bigger since the explosion asset has a pretty big scale, and the camera is close up to the explosion.
Other than that, excellent short film!


thank you for your return, I take note

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Loving it - great work!
I like the angles, great music/ambience, great sound effects, excellent application of the drone shots, awesome parkour stuff!

So enough schmoozing :wink: You wanted advice:

Editing/Grading wise:
The lighting situation was difficult (harsh sunlight outside, but dark corners inside) and I’m quite sure you did not have the opportunity to shoot raw :slight_smile: but with a bit more grading I think some scenes could get more crisp. For me it is too flat in the mid tones and gets washed out at times.

The knife stab at 3:14 came surprising to me. The sound effect made it clear that it was a knife - but I think it would have more impact if the viewer would be made aware before that there is a knife (e.g. showing him draw it).

Stunts wise:
As said, awesome parkour stuff. At times (e.g. the forward flip at 2:19) maybe a bit unmotivated :slight_smile: (see storytelling)

VFX wise:
Bullet hits, muzzle flashes, blood splatters - great. The blood mist at 3:42 could be way more intense IMHO. I did not perceive that until the step by step watching.

The explosion could use some more integration. It feels overlaid. Maybe lighting up the walls and the guy a few frames at the beginning of the explosion would help.

Storytelling wise:
I know this is about showing skills of all sorts, but still: It’s a (short) film and for that story is always king!! Making sure every move, every jump (and every flip :)) has a reason is crucial IMHO. Two or three lines of dialog might even be enough to get the viewer into WHY this guy is fleeing and why the guy in the end kills his lackey. It’s worth thinking about stuff like that because it makes the final product so much more engaging!

But let me say it again: Overall awesome stuff man!


@Johannes, I am so glad to have you as part of our community! That is some really good advice!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this advice and reviews!

yes the place where we were filming was poorly lit i tried to tinker with a few things but it was quite complicated.

As for the other visual effects you are right and it will help me a lot in the future.

The aim of this short film was to make beautiful images by showing the talents of freerunners. I plan in the future more short work with a better story.

I still want to thank you for this review thank you very much!

PS: I am French my English is approximate, please forgive me


Happy to be of service :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
Looking forward to your next piece!

PS: Pas de problème! Your English is roughly a thousand percent better than my French :grimacing: