Have a collection of Audience members listening to a speaker (crowds)

I’ve tried suggesting this on the main site but it doesn’t show after I suggested it.

The site already has concert & sports crowd collections/clips. My suggestion is something similar but for audience members watching and listening to someone on stage (no clips needed for the person on stage, the collection would just be of the audience members). This would be more toned down than the existing crowd clips (concert & sports).

Ideally have at least a minute of the clip (shot at least 60 fps so we have more options) where they are in the “idle” state, where they’re just watching and listening to the person talking, and occasionally saying something to the person next to them. Then have sections where they react including clapping, maybe laughing and reacting if the speaker says something serious/sad.

Have different angles like the current clips have but maybe mainly focus on the straight front (where we see their faces and reactions) and back (so we can also include the stage person talking in the shot).

Unlike the existing clips, record with more people - I think the existing clips only have about 9 individual people. With a crowd shot where they’re not in the far distance, using only about 9 people is likely to make people see that people are duplicated. Recording at least about 20 people should make it a lot less obvious that people are duplicated, maybe with them wearing different things and shot twice would also make it less obvious they are duplicated within the shot.

Also instead of only recording only 1 person at a time, as well as doing that you could record 2, 3 or maybe as high as 4 people at a time so that 1) if a person turns to speak to the person next to them (like they do in the existing clips) then the person next do them could react to that realistically 2) it might be easier to build out a large crowd 3) overall they may act more realistically as though they’re part of a big crowd (audience). Also when recording them you could have them all listening to the same audio clip of a speaker so that they all act in a similar way (as though they’re all watching the same thing).

That’s a great suggestion, thank you! BTW after submitting a request on the Feature Upvote page, it usually has to be approved by someone on our team before it’ll show up publicly.


Thanks for the awesome suggestion @vfx200! I’m not sure why your suggestion isn’t showing up here. Would you mind trying to submit a request once more? I’ll keep an eye out for it to come through. As Rodolphe said, we do have to approve requests but I’m not seeing any pending requests on the site as of right now so I’m unsure what is happening. But I want you do be able to request products!


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Thanks. I’'ll try posting it on the main site again. I’ve not been able to get a suggestion there to show up on a previous time I tried though. I don’t know if it’s something to do with my browser/how the site code functions with the Firefox (maybe it only works with some other browsers).

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I could really use this as well. A few seconds of mild laughing (like at a comedy club) would be really useful as well.


I like this! Thanks for the suggestion @Toucan!

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