HELP! - I am looking for some help or advice about my downloads-Even after Quick time installer


That’s the error I got when trying to open my downloads - and even after I re-added Quick time nothing change-

Help- Thanks

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Hey there Joe! You have to open the file using QuickTime. Is this still happening even after you did that?

Yes it still happened, I download Quick time- I even used two different computers to see if may be that related to the computer itself but it’s not i’m not sure what’s going on- Any help will be greatly appreciated

Thanks @JtJustsVFX

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This is just odd…
can you overload us with system information please?
RAM, OS, version, the file you’re trying to open (any information),
and which file(s) exactly, are giving you trouble?

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What error does QuickTime give you when you try to play the files with it? Could you take a screenshot?

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That’s what happened


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This happens even when you open the file with QuickTime? That’s very strange! Maybe restart your computer. I had a problem once where my files wouldn’t play and I restarted my computer and that fixed the problem.

Are you completely sure that you are opening this file with QuickTime?

By the way, does the file work in your editing software?

The image you sent looks like the default Windows 10 interface. Like the error message you’d get if you tried to play a video using the default Windows video player. An error message from QuickTime would look different.

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This is the installer for QuickTime, right?

Is this what happened when you tried to open the file?

Hi reset Quick time then now that the message that I got not the “can’t play” message

All my Portal Fxs and a few of my old Fxs

still trying to figure out what’s going on

Thanks everyone for the response

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Is it possible that your computer is under spec and is unable to play these files?

We are glad to help!

I apologize for continuing to mention this but I want to make sure that you are actually running these files through QuickTime.
First, right click on the file that you want to play:

Next, click open with.

Finally, select QuickTime player and then your file should open with QuickTime.

Hopefully this helps out!

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The error message tells you that codec is not supported on your computer. You probably trying to play a ProRes-Codec.
Did you install the Codecs?

QuickTime Player should no longer be used for Windows since 2016! At least if you worry about security issues.

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Hey there Jonas! Is QuickTime actually a security threat? Well that would be bad! Are there any alternatives?

RV Player is probably the best one around right now.

If you look for a free/open source software:
VLC for movies or DJV player for image sequences

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Thank you everyone for the quick reply to my Help message - I finally found a software that work with some and not others of my FXs, I’m not sure as to why Quick Time Player did not work at all - Well, I found VideoLAN aka VLC- I downloaded that software and again most of my FXs is working now- which is nice…

Thanks everyone for the support (Thanks to VFX Team and Thanks Jonas)

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This article explains what going on with this kind of error, and offers solutions.
“How to Fix the Error Code 0xc00d5212 When Playing Video?”