How do I remove this text from this curved surface object that has 3D Rotation?

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How do I remove the highlighted text seamlessly from this curved surface object that has 3D rotation in the following video?:

Video: Dropbox - 018_Karussell_Totale_Sleepwalk.mp4 - Simplify your life

Screenshots: Dropbox - Screenshots - Simplify your life

I am a user of:

Photoshop | After Effects | Mocha Pro | PF Track | 3Ds max

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You might be able to get something that is okayish by masking roughly around where the text is in Affter Effects then using AE’s content aware fill option (maybe with the “object” option) with the mask set to subtract.

Then maybe using an adjustment layer with a copy of that mask (but set to add) and blurring that area a bit.

After Effects also has a clone brush but I don’t know how well that would work for it.

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Thanks for your response. But that will not create a seamless result.