How do you get your CG characters to interact with the ground?


I am very new to VFX and have been learning Blender for a couple of months. At work we are working on a video series for school kids. I have been trying to learn Blender to see if we can add VFX to our work.

I have modelled a drone that our “hero” will have to take out at some point in the story by shooting it out of the sky. I have been playing with rigid body sims to simulate the drone hitting the floor but it doesn’t look like it interacts with the ground at all. It just glides along the top. I would really like it to look like its impacting the floor.

I have been playing with partials in blender and have not really had much luck. Trying to modal bits of debris the drone can crash into but i cant seem to get the partials to behave like I want them to.

This was rendered in eevee as we are just testing at the moment. I will added shadow catchers and shadows to the final scenes but was trying to get my head around this bit first.

Any suggestions of tutorials or ideas would be grateful. I am new to Blender but I can use After Effects pretty well at this point.



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Im like you, just learning Blender. Youve made a great model and gave it some realitic movement so i think with just a shadow it would be convincing. My ideas are always too go over the top with big explosions but ActionFX has regular debri and dust flying around. Try that

Hmm… Might you send me the blender file? I could mess around with it and see what I can do.

Thanks @richiebricker it might be a composite think with some ready made footage but I wanted to see if I could do it myself. Use that stuff as the icing as it were.

Thanks mate, where is a good place to get you?

Can’t you send the files on the forum? If not I’ll DM my email to you.