How to Create a 3D Bullet Time Shot | ActionVFX Quick Tips

Hello everyone!

We just recently published a new After Effects Quick Tips video!

Time Freeze VFX is one of my favorite effectsn so this was very fun to make! In the video I explained some quick tips on getting a good tracking data from AE’s camera tracker, turning 2D assets to look like 3D, as well as how to use Collapse Transformation tool to help organize your scene.

Here are the assets that I used for the shot:
Muzzle Flashes Vol.2

Air Particles

Gun SmokeVol.2

Bullet Shells

Small Scale Smoke Plumes

Atmospheric Smoke and Fog Vol.2

Hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial, if you have any questions feel free to reply to this thread.

Thank you!


I’d seen that video! It was really good!

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thank you! glad you enjoyed it!

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