How to start practicing for nuke

hey everyone, i want to learn how to use nuke and start compositing, but i cant find how and where to start. any suggestions? like how do i get footage to practice on, good tutorials…


Hey @jeanp.maalouf! @danasa has a tutorial that walks through the basics of Nuke right here:

Hugo’s Desk has a lot of nuke tutorials that you might find helpful. Here’s his channel:

Here are a couple of older ActionVFX tutorials that include footage that you can download:

Hope this helps out!

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Hey @jeanp.maalouf, welcome to the forum! Footage to practice on has been something our users have been requesting for a while. We’ll start providing them more!


Hugo also has a Nuke course with tons of hours and footage (under NDA) you can learn with. Also you can get a student licence for Nuke.

You can find more information here: Nuke compositing course with 150 classes, 50+ hours and showreel footage (endorsed by Foundry) - YouTube

There will be a sale for it soon I think. Also you get some credits for the great ActionVFX store!


Hey JeanP,

If you want to check out some free Nuke tutorials, I have a bunch on my channel Compositing Academy. Many of the beginner nuke tutorials come with free project files and scripts. They’re primarily geared towards people trying to become professional VFX compositors, or other vfx artists just trying to pick up some side skills.


Alternatively, there are some beginner online nuke courses available on the website:

Best of luck! Nuke is a great software.


Hey @jeanp.maalouf !

@JtJutsVFX already gave a comprehensive list of great learning resources.

As to training footage - I recently stumbled upon this:
The Blender Foundation made a lot of footage of their Open Movie project “Tears of Steel” available:

There’s great stuff for keying/rotoing/compositing practice in there. And it’s excellently shot footage too – in that way maybe not a good/realistic practice as you usually don’t get footage that good :slight_smile: , but great to start with.

Just grab a few backgrounds from the net and maybe some of these and you’re good to go.

As to whether you can include that footage in a reel, you would need to check back with Blender Foundation…



Hello! If you want to follow along on our Water Blast tutorial on Nuke, you can now download the background plate on our blog post here :slight_smile:

Happy compositing!


It’s always fun and exciting to start into a new program, but I can totally understand the need for good materials. I know it’s been mentioned briefly in this thread, but I wanted to pass along a link directly to all of the available tutorials we currently offer for Nuke. As we add new ones, they will instantly be added. Let us know how we can help!

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