How would you approach Wolverine Claws?

Am planning a wolverine fan film and need to sell a few shots of claws extending and being used.

How would you approach this? What are some things that I should keep in mind or practice prior to the shoot?


Knowing your software would be helpful.

I assume you’re building a practical for most shots?

There are tutorials online, of course. Here’s an old Film Riot episode using Mocha and Element 3D in Ae. Basic principles apply to most software.

Also there’s a link to a 3D model in the description.

Ah thank you for the video link - I will check it out. Yes, we will have practical claws for most shots. Any action stuff will be shot around, so hopefully, nothing too quick moving.

A couple of claws going through people, likely.

I am used to AE actually, but am likely to use Fusion for this actual project.

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Well, since Fusion has planar tracking and 3D model support the Film Riot approach should translate over fairly easily! :grin: