I would like to upgrade membership

I have come to conclusion that it would be better for me if I subscribe to the Basic plan (currently starter).
If I upgrade, would I be paying the difference only for the first month or would I need to pay Basic plan’s full price in order to upgrade?

Nevermind, I just went to checkout and it does cut the pricing for the first month.


Glad to hear you figured it out! Welcome to our forum!

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So I’ve upgraded to ‘‘Basic’’ which gets me 15 credits a month. I read that I can upgrade to 30 credits per month instead of 15.

I cannot find where I can upgrade my total credits. Can anyone point me where to go ?


We’ll be working on making that more obvious. The way you can access that currently is to try to unlock a collection that costs more than your current credit amount. For example, if you have 15 credits, try to unlock a collection that costs 30 credits (or something). When you do that it’ll give you this screen that will allow you to upgrade to the higher plan: