Ideas for ActionVFX contests?

Hey everyone!

We’re wanting to start doing contests more consistently moving forward, and we’re curious to find out if anyone has any suggestions for cool contest ideas.

How would you like us to structure it?


I am super excited about the upcoming contests! I think it would be great to have a way for people to enter in the contests without having a social media account! Unfortunately, that might complicate the contests a lot because I don’t know how people would upload their entry’s.


Users would at least need a YouTube page to upload the video, but no other social media would be needed. We could incorporate the Forum in the submission process somehow. Perhaps create a special “Contest” channel on the forum where users would post their entries.


I would say to try and separate beginners from seasoned users when creating contests. I think it a bit unfair for those trying to build up their skills to enter a contest with others who clearly have more experience.

I would also create different categories for contests, i.e. SciFi, Action, Fantasy, etc. Different time frames can also make these more interesting and fun. For example the contest could be for a fantasy shot but can only be 20 seconds long.

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Some good ideas @jmartin1223! Just today we were talking about doing a Halloween themed contest, so that goes hand in hand with your theme suggestion. Thanks!


Some other venues I’ve worked with will do a contest that must include elements provided. For example they give you a small sample set (beats, clips, art elements, etc) and at a minimum, those must be included. I honestly think one the reasons to do that, is they get new content for the promotion, instead of backstock portfollio songs/showreels/art. You’ve enough free content that they could be used; though I’ve seen contest kits that included part of a vendor’s new content, to stimulate interest in current product lines. You could include one element from the steel wool series, for example.

Ok…now I feel silly o.O

I was googling ideas for contests and found the 15 Second VFX Challenge…which I totally missed.

Glad to see you, um, already took my advice…

I’ll get my gear together and keep an eye out for the next one! :smiley:

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Haha, we have a new one we’re announcing next week! Look forward to that!

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Super exciting for the upcoming contest!