I'm new here and new to FX

Hi! I’m new to FX but a longtime fan! I am interested in adding FX to live stream broadcasts.
Tips and suggestions are welcome, as well as warnings Ha! This seems like a relatively new territory for streamers and I’d like to build a brand around it. I currently use OBS Studio, with backend interface control through Lioranboard Streamdeck. I currently video edit and do compositing using Hitfilm Express.

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Welcome to the forum! I’m glad you’re here! I’m curious to learn more about what type of effects you’re adding to your streams. What makes them unique enough to build a brand around? Sounds fun!

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Currently working on a viewer request that explodes my face cam. Lots of other ideas too, I can also use Snapchat filters to add fx too.

Welcome! I’m definitely super interested to hear more about these types of effects!

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cool can’t wait