Is the forum already dying?

I’ve noticed that recently no new posts have been created. I know some of you are in different time zones, but I’ve waited multiple days. So if you’re on the forum, please try to create even just one reply.


No, the forum is definitely not dying!:smiley: There is some beta testing for upcoming ActionVFX features going on so some of us (including me) are busy with that. I am definitely going to be making some new topics soon!:grinning:


The forum is definitely not dying. People tend to chime in more when there are interesting topics to reply to, so go ahead and make some interesting topics! We all do need to be talking about VFX more than we are currently!


Oh yes, that would be correct.

There’s a lot of folks on the Beta side currently, otherwise you’d see the flurry of activity.

But we’re here and we’re watching… whatcha need?


Oh, I just like reading the forum and sending some replies to active topics.

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In that case… let’s start generating some discussion. :wink:
I’ll make certain to post a couple before end of day.

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