Is there any timeframe for when the address issue with orders will be fixed?

I’d like to order more on the site but the last couple of times I did it it put “United States” as the address.

eg. on my last order I selected “United Kingdom” instead of selecting “use saved card”, and put in my postcode and then after the order was created it showed “United States” as the address, which is obviously wrong. Something has changed recently in the way it does addresses. I put in a support request about that order yesterday but haven’t heard back about it but had heard back about the previous order.

Before my last few orders it wouldn’t use the stored address (a UK one) - if I had selected that stored one it would put “Andorra” as the country so whenever I saw that I went back and selected “use new card details” or similar wording and then, re-typed everything (card and address) and it allow the correct address.

So my last couple of orders have the “United States” incorrectly as the address if I selected the “download invoice” option on the website, though I’ve been emailed one with the corrected address but I’ve been told the incorrect ones already on the site can’t be fixed currently - that the developers would look at it.

So that would be an issue with creating new orders now - if I did it would likely put the wrong address/country in the invoice, which could be quite a serious issue if I had to show the invoice to prove I bought the collections/clips. It would be good if all my orders could show the right address in the invoice and all future ones in case I need to show those invoices.

So is there any timeframe on when these issue might be fixed?

Hi @vfx200, thanks for sharing your report. We’re looking at this now and expect to have a resolution in place by the end of the day.

Thanks a lot.

We have a fix for the reported issue scheduled for release overnight. If you run into any other headaches, let us know.

Thanks for the report and your patience!

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Okay thank you. I assume that will fix the existing orders’ address (country) as well as stop the issue happening for future orders.

That’s correct!