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So, I created this re-fractional light effect in after effect. I want feedbacks from you guys, so I can improve on it. With that said, please leave a comment in the comment section.
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This is really cool! Always great seeing people create something like that from scratch with nothing but the default AE effects.

Since you asked for feedback, the main thing that I wish looked different were the floating particles:

I like the idea of particles, but the design of these specific ones didn’t do too much to improve the scene. I would suggest going with more subtle particles, that way it enhances the atmosphere without being too distracting.

As far as the tutorial goes, I would’ve preferred if you showed a full video preview of the final result at the start of the tutorial, instead of waiting till the very end.

Thanks for sharing this with us! Nice work!


My suggestion would be to take full advantage of precomps.
If you precomp’d the first… uh… light tendril, I’m naming it for ya… then you get a creative advantage that can speed up the workflow or possibly open new doors of creativity.
What’s he talking about?
Ok, so the first precomp becomes a “master”, and by simply copying it, you create linked copies.
Again, what’s he talking about?
Any changes you make to the content of the “master” will affect the “linked copies”.
However, any additional changes you make outside of the precomps, directly to the precomps, becomes their own.

By linking more and more items together in various ways, you can get an even more dynamic environment… afterall, what is an environment but things affecting each other?

Hope this helps or was worth reading.

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It’s an honor to have you Rodolphe review my work…
Thanks alot, I have always wished to speak with you in person but that can wait for when fate finally brings us together.
Thanks once again, I really do appreciate.

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