Lightsaber cuts/burns using burning steel wool pack?

Hey all! I’ve been planning out a short Star Wars fan film, and I realized there aren’t any tutorials online on how to replicate the effect of having a lightsaber cut/stab/dismember something or someone.

Here’s two videos showcasing some reference:

I think the burning steel wool pack would be perfect for this (I believe Corridor used them in their lightsaber video To The DEATH - YouTube ), but I’m not quite sure how to go about compositing it.

Similarly, I think recreating this shot from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2:

using the assets would be great in a Star Wars Fan Film but as a novice I’ve been having a hard time figuring out how.

Any and all help is appreciated

I love this idea! Burning Steel Wool would be perfect for something like that. We do have this tutorial on 3 popular effects you can do with those elements. Check it out!

@danasa, do you have any additional guidance here?