Looking for a VFX artist who wants collaborate in a feature film

Hi, my name is Héctor Aguilar. i´m a film director based in Cancún, México, where we made the first post apocalyptic film in the south of México. This is an independent feature filmed in a 3 years period between friends. We screened in 2019 with 11 official selection in many film festivals, as work in progress. We won in 2020 for best film and best make up in the Zombie Awards and we are looking for a VFX artist from any place who wants to join us and help us to finish a couple of effects. We have not budget, everything was done with the support of every person involved in the film. We can offer to you be owner of a per cen of the film with anything that could happen with the film distribution. I share you a trailer of the film: “Some Be“ (2020) Trailer oficial - YouTube

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Welcome to the forum, Héctor! I enjoyed watching your trailer, and I hope you find someone to work with!

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What effects do you need?


Was going to ask the same thing @sabrina asked

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Thanks a lot!

Hi Sabrina, I want to add some particles and fog in some scenes, but what I need most is a couple of rotoscope shots.

Scott, thaks for you response. I need a couple of rotoscope shots and add white eyes for a zombie in two shots with movement.

I have projects in the works but can try to help. Can you send me the shots so I can check them out and let you know for sure?

The three things are rotoscoping, zombie eyes and fog?