Neighborhood bombing

A few test shots I did about a year ago. Took about a month to do and then I gave up. I’m thinking about getting back into it.


Well done! You nailed the explosion sound fx on that one bro!:laughing: The flying bodies were a nice touch as well.

Thanks! The bodies were from Mixamo.

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They added a nice touch of realism.:grinning:

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And by the way, welcome to the community!

love it! you did really great at tracking the explosions into the shots!
(also, love the wilhelm scream! :smile:)


Thanks man!

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The good old Wilhelm scream.:joy:

Welcome to the forum, @jonsac3025! Unfortunately, I can’t see the video, could you please resend it?

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It seems it’s a problem on my end. Can you send a YouTube link?

I meant a YouTube link such as this one Me at the zoo - YouTube
Open YouTube in the browser, find your video, copy the link and paste it here.

Nevermind, I searched the video title and found it. It’s epic! I just found that the flying rocks were a little too round. I also spotted the ground crumbling made with ActionVFX, it’s really good but if you could I recommend adding some shadows. Great anyways!

Hey thanks! Each shot could of used another day or 2 of polishing for sure, it just takes so much time to put one of them together (so much rotoscoping!) that I felt I had to move on.

This was a test to see if I could have a battle at the end of a short I want to make. I feel it was (mostly) successful.

Appreciate your input :+1:t2:

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Great work for a test shot! Sound is great too!

Thank you!


Welcome to the forum @jonsac3025! There’s a lot I love about this sequence! You should definitely get back into it because it has so much potential to be even better! The tracking and placement of the elements is top notch. I love all the CG doubles as well!

If you’re open to feedback, here are some things that stood out to me:

  1. Overall, the sequence looks too clean. You can tell this most around the explosions. You need a lot more dust and smaller debris to dirty the scene up a bit. All the main assets are there, but it’s the extra dust/debris to complement the scene that are missing. These will help the assets blend better with the shot. Dust Waves, like the ones found in our Dust Waves Vol 2 collection would come in handy for this.

In fact, if you do decide to finish this sequence and you don’t already have those Dust Waves, let me know and I’ll give them to you!

  1. A lot of the elements can be color-matched better to the scene. For example, those dirt blasts at the beginning do not look like they belong to the shot.

  2. Some of the assets could use some added motion blur. If using AE, their Pixel Motion Blur, or a plugin like RSMB would give great results.

These are the main things that stood out. Thanks for posting this, and good luck!

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Hi, I really appreciate the feedback and are so glad that you enjoyed the scene!

I can’t disagree with any of your criticisms. The purpose of these shots was to see if I could pull off the type of sequence I’m looking to make for a short I was working on. My goal was to achieve a quality somewhere in between pre-visualization and what the final shot would actually look like. I felt that this test looked ‘good enough’ to go forward with my short film if I chose to.

The other reason these shots are missing some of the things you mentioned is because of time and computing power. When I made this I was using a rig with a 2080 ti and 8700k. Sometimes it would take AE 25 minutes just to load the preview for me to look at the shots in motion. When I had 40+ layers on a shot, it took even longer. It got to the point where I just felt that I had to move on or it would’ve taken me forever to complete. I’m going to have to upgrade my hardware if I continue to work on this project. This 16 second test took 5 weeks to complete. I just have to get it done faster. I think I’m going to have to render it out at 1440p instead of 4k too.

Thanks again for your feedback and kind words. It really makes me want to get back into it :+1:t2:


@jonsac3025 You could use ActionVFX’s lens dirt collections! That’d be a great way to make dirt flying around!