New Bulk Purchase Website Feature + 50% Off Black Friday Deals

The new Bulk Purchase option has been one of the most requested website features. Since we add so many new assets each month, this page allows you to quickly see everything you’re missing at a glance.

In summary, the benefits are:

  1. No more searching across multiple product pages.
  2. Checkout faster by skipping the cart.
  3. See exactly what assets you’re missing.

You can be one of the first to try this new feature out with 50% off Black Friday deals across all VFX assets. This offer ends Dec. 3rd, so be sure to see what you’re missing today!




This is cool! I have a couple questions, though?

I’m looking at this, it appears to show collections at the top level, so I either have all or nothing? If I had all, but one, it would be the same listing, same price? Assuming the pricing is what it’s supposed to be, it would still be helpful to me if it showed me how many of that collection I had or how many I’m getting, by resolution. 2/25 next to 2k, 4/25 next to 4k, etc. Then I could quickly tell how much product I was getting with my purchase, with out having to open each collection to see what I already own?

Secondly, it would great if this could roll over to those of us with subs. If I could scroll through the collections and see what I owned and be able to complete a collection with only the points needed to complete that collection, that would be my wishlist.

Thank you for making our lives a little easier! More time for VFX’ing! :sunglasses: