New VFX Breakdown video | Creating Star Wars Scene Using Miniatures and VFX!

In the theme of the Obi-Wan Kenobi show, in this VFX tutorial breakdown, we are going to show you how to film and composite Star Wars miniature model to create an epic scene of the Millennium Falcon stranded on a snowy planet!

We’re going to learn how to shoot miniature effect, and how to do VFX Compositing in Nuke.

For the VFX compositing, we will be using Nuke, and for the 3D environment, we will be using Unreal Engine.

Special Thanks to GriyaKolektor for lending us the Millennium Falcon miniature model!

ActionVFX collections used:
Free Snow FX
Free Snow Texture
Windy Snow
Ice and Frost
Atmospheric Smoke and Fog Vol.1
Atmospheric Smoke and Fog Vol.2

Thank you for watching!