New with ActionVFX

I am using Magix ProX 13 and got a link to ActionVFX. Then I saw a Tutorial where some Effects were presented. Do I need another Sofware zu use ActionVFX and/or where can I find a Tutorial to start with ActionVFX?
Plesae help me.

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Welcome to the forum!

I can give some insight into the process, but I’ll let some of our more experienced users chime in if they have more to add!

The effects on this site are software independent, they are movie clips, specially prepared to be more easily used for VFX. Some VFX are created and rendered in software, like Blender, Nuke, Maya, etc. Others are ‘layered’ or combined with other clips, similar to how Photoshop works. These clips are much faster to use than rendering your own, especially if you don’t have a huge Hollywood budget to buy lots of computers.

Most of the clips are in ProRes, which was originally an Apple format, but is usable on PC’s too. From my quick search it appears that ProX 13 supports ProRes. Magix site also mentioned that they are using the keying and matte functions from a program called Hitfilm. They work well, but the even better news is there are a ton of tutorials for it. Not everything will be the same, but the one’s on using mattes and keying for VFX are probably pretty similar, since it’s basically the same engine. There are even some on ActionVFX’s Blog that might help. If you’re new to VFX it might also help to use Youtube and just watch some intro to VFX videos. It’s a bit of a puzzle, but once you understand how they fit together, it’s much easier to make! For the most part, the ideas are the same, especially if you’re looking at some of the Hitfilm stuff.

You can use your account to get Free VFX files, listed under the section ‘Free VFX’ on the home page. These files will let you test whether your program will work well with the file format, and give you some cool ideas!

After you try out the free ones, you’ll probably see other clips you like and that the files and collections that are not free, can get expensive pretty fast if you need several. To help us just starting out, ActionVFX just started a subscription service, you pay a monthly fee, several packages to choose from, and then can use your credits to get clips for much less. It’s a really good deal!

Hopefully this helps! Feel free to ask more questions, we’ll see what we can come up with!