Oscars 2022 Best VFX Nominees! Which is your pick?

The VFX nominees for this year’s Academy Awards has been announced! Congratulations to all the talented artists who worked on these films. Very well deserved!

Which is your favorite? Which do you think will win?

Discuss below!

  • Dune
  • Free Guy
  • No Time To Die
  • Shang-Chi And The Legends of The Ten Rings
  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Unpopular opinion but I’m surprised to see Spider-Man nominated. I was not very impressed with the VFX of that movie.

Runs and hides

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The visuals in Dune are very, very good. I’d give it my vote. Haven’t seen The Legends of the Ten Rings - I see it got a few votes. Should I see it?

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With No Time To Die, It was my favorite Daniel Craig James Bond and the effects on it were pretty good, but the effects on Dune were stunning!

My mother loved it, but I think it’s ok. :man_shrugging: It’s worth a watch though!

I would be shocked if Dune doesn’t take home the Visual Effects award. The visuals in that film are incredible.

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I would be to, they were incredible!