Passionate about VFX & Writing? We're Hiring Blog Writers!

That’s right! We’re hiring paid blog writers! If you love visual effects and would love even more to teach and write about it, this is the position for you.

Our blog is the industry-leading resource for all things VFX and filmmaking. And if you feel you’re up for the task to contribute to the ActionVFX blog, we want you to apply!


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Well… The last two times this opportunity arose I was in situations where I was out of the country for extended periods, AND without internet (connectivity in, say, Antarctica is limited, and was expensive and slow… Minutes to load email when paying per-minute).

This time I can actually apply!

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I replied but would love to hear more about the position and what it would entail exactly.


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Nice! Please do so!

Sent you an email!

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Awesome! I’m sure you’d be great for that!

I’m considering it! I would probably be doing blender tutorials.

I already don’t like what I sent in. Ugh.
Had the conversation that I wanted to write and probably shouldn’t just went for recording us despite the Men in Black vibe that would’ve ensued.