Pumpkin Massacre

Title: Pumpkin Massacre
Author(s): Aaron Hegarty
Duration: 30 Seconds
Description: After reading the brief this idea popped into my head, So with some hard work and amazing voice acting here it is. It was a fun project to work on, Enjoy.


hahaha that was awesome! I was like… poor pumpkin, and then everything changed.

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Ha, Many thanks BR,
If this has taught me anything is that 30 seconds is not a long time :wink:

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I completely agree! I felt like my entry was very rushed, I think I wrote a story for a 1 minute video, not a 30 second video haha. But I really liked the animation in your video, well done.

Thanks Brandon, my kids loved doing the voices aswell but there was MULTIPLE takes :slight_smile: :grinning: ing:

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