Seamless loops with rain effects

I am having a difficulty with getting any of the rain vfxs to loop seamlessly. is there a way to get this to work where the rain continuously loops and doesnt look like it is a major restart ?

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Hello! You can try stack two rain elements next to each other (maybe the other one is flipped, or on a different frame) and then have them fade in/dissovle from one to another


There’s a youtube tutorial for doing that for clips in general with After Effects:

You can adjust the number of seconds it transitions over if it looks too obvious with a too short amount of time.

Also if the rain clips have alpha channels that are automatically used and that makes it not look right with the above method you could make it not use the alpha channel (ie. keep it with a black background if it has that) then later use the screen blending mode to display the looped footage.

@mcpblackheart, @danasa just made a tutorial on this. You can check it out here: How To LOOP Stock Footage SEAMLESSLY | After Effects Tutorial - YouTube