Sharing professional knowledge and how to reach others who need it?

Hey everyone out there. My names Gregory Harrington and I’m a VFX compositor who has worked in the vfx industry for around 9-ish years now. One of the things I love doing is teaching and helping others with Nuke. I’m a very creative person and I love helping others and motivate them to do their passions in VFX.

I have a youtube channel called vfx essentials. I try my best to make quality tutorials but at the same time I work full time in the industry so I usually make a tutorial every other month. Sometimes unfortunately longer if I’m heavy in a project at work. My main issue is I don’t reach other vfx artists by just uploading a video to youtube. It gets dug down with over a decade of other tutorials which may not be helpful in the learning process. I think my main issue is, I dont have the time to do weekly videos but at the same time I’ll spend a full hour teaching how to integrate a shot from start to finish every month or so. I recently saw that this forum has opened up on Action VFX which is a fantastic site I have used over the years.

My question is, If you’re learning, where do you go to when you need information and help from an experienced artist? Would you go to a forum like this one with questions? I’d like to help others on my free time with tutorials especially junior compositors just entering the industry. I’m not the type of person who looks for views and subscribers. I’m more of a person who just wants to teach and edit a video down in an understandable way so other vfx artists can learn from the tricks that I learned in a vfx studio. I try and do it in a way that I wish I was taught to me while I was learning.

Maybe this a good forum to reach others who might need some help? Are there any topics artists struggle with in Nuke? Let me know here and maybe I can open my horizons in a new way to help others?

I recently revamped my channel in hopes to help reach others who need it. Maybe I could do some tutorials with ActionVFX elements since this is their forum? I could talk about integrating muzzle flashes, explosions, smoke or other elements that are commonly used in the vfx industry. Take care and let me hear your thoughts on how to reach a wider vfx audience who would just like to have some knowledge shared to help them out.

Here is my youtube channel with my latest tutorial on VRAY AOV’s. It includes CG render passes and the Nuke Scripts which I know is rare for tutorials on cg. I hope it helps others. The link is in the youtube description. Take care, stay motivated and stay passionate!

While I am not a nuke user I do believe you’re in the right place to teach what you know.

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