Sneak Peak of my latest Ambience video for my YouTube Channel. Zombie Apocalypse 2

Nice! Love the rain and the lighting! Great work!

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I really like the atmosphere you’ve built here! There’s a nice Cyberpunk feel to this.

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@Cody beat me to it! I love the cyberpunk feel! Nice use of rain too, the ground looks so good!


Thank you!

Thank you for checking out my video! I have a question…do any of you guys know where I can get some green screen zombie footage for this video? I can’t seem to find anything that looks realistic. Thanks again!

Pexels has some pretty good free zombie footage. I dont think they have green screen though. They are mostly stock footage.

If you have money, these are pretty good to.

These are ok.

I use these for class projects. (I am in middle school)