Spydurhank's Project 'Filmer' I call it God Mode

So I developed a 3D scene and render passes exchange technique that works with any dedicated 3D application and either node based or layer based compositing software programs like Fusion, Nuke, After Effects via E3d, Hitfilm.Pro, Hitfilm Express and Vegas Effects which are the programs that I’ve tried my technique on so far. Also works for Game engines like Unreal which I’ve tried once so far. It wasn’t even that hard… just had to learn the entire 3D asset creation to compositing pipeline for dedicated 3D apps and compositing software… oh yeah… and I had to learn how to write code and develop my custom version of Blender b3d called Filmer.
Here are a few demo videos showcasing my process. In this case I’m using Filmer/b3d with Hitfilm Pro.



Here are a few screengrabs as I just coded camera dof, motion blur, focal length, focus distance and sensor size into my Exporters. I exported a simple animated scene to test that the entire 3D scene looks the same in both programs making it so I can re-light, re-texture and further tweak materials even after Comping the Filmer Render passes and AOVs in Hitfilm. Magic yo!.

I’ll post more complicated stuff as I progress but like I said… I’ve been doing this since 2008. :slight_smile:

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This looks pretty cool, certainly a growth experience! I started using Hit Film Express when it was bundled with Sony’s Vegas products. I noticed that Magix has continued that relationship with Vegas Post, essentially Hit Film’s products enveloped in Vegas. I do wonder if the Vegas products will keep getting the updates that Hitfilm gets, or if it will quickly fall behind?

Looking at this, I downloaded Blender, which I haven’t looked at in more than a decade. Back then it always felt like a solution in search of a purpose: ‘Look we’re a game engine, Look we’re an animation studio, Look we’re a VFX engine.’ Obviously it could do those things, but it felt a bit lost at the time.

So having used the other tools, what kept you on track with HF/b3d? Having Mocha in HF is obviously bonus, esp since you get an entire VFX suite for less than just the Mocha…

I see you are dev’ing a Filmer fork of b3d? From what I’m seeing, the new Blender/Cycles X should be a great boon to your efforts! And the enhanced AMD support would nice if someone had a Mac they wanted to use it on… :smiley: I know Blender is Open Source, but HF isn’t. Has FXHome been involved with you on this? It seems that they would gain a lot by having another fan tool so well intergrated into their product?

Sorry for a ton of questions; it just sounds like an interesting project! :sunglasses:

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks @zaubermac, I don’t mind the questions and I’m very glad you like my project. :grinning:

I have Vegas Pro 17 bundled along with Vegas Effects, I like em’ both, saving up for Vegas 19… :grinning:

Ah Blender… I learned Blender 2.42 way back in 2008… back when there was no Undo Control + Z or a prompt to to save if you accidentally closed down Blender. Those days were nuts. :slight_smile:

Na, I’ve been doing this solo on the FXhome forums since 2008. :grinning: Oh yeah, to get some support and exposure would be pretty, fantastically, awesome for sure. :grinning:

Ah the thing that kept me on track, as you asked is… Focusing on art… just art and imagination.

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Repainting and old X-wing that I gave away in a bundle of high res and LOD 3D models a few years ago for a free. Probably gonna do another Free giveaway pretty soon-ish. This model has 10K textures. Yes, I build all of my own 3D assets and stuff. :grinning:

Hmm I used the wrong format for the video links above… To high of a fever to remember how to edit a post, my brain don’t work too good when I’m runnin’ hot. Whew…

In this video I use animated 3D stuff exported from Unreal engine, import the scene into my Software Filmer/b3d for path traced rendering and then export the scene to Hitfilm for compositing. I use the exported scene from Filmer to enhance the Filmer/b3d render passes in Hitfilm by being able to re-light the scene, re-tweak the materials, re-texture the entire 3D scene without having to suffer from the composite shot size limit so that I can use up to 16K textures and such,

In this video, I use the same technique as above but also export an animated multi material hard surface character along with the bone armature rig that is driving the animation. Lots of cool compositing hacks in this one.

I’m recording a re-lighting demo as soon as this two week long fever goes away when I’ll be able to focus and have memory recall again… not being able to remember stuff suuuuuuuuuuuuucks so bad. Haven’t felt like this since I first got blunt brain trauma and hyperthermia when I was 3 years old… whew.

I coded a new Filmer Curves Modifier a while back that automatically bridges two adjacent curves into Quad Faces to build this Enterprise based From the Discovery show. Modelling with Curves is pretty fast…ish. It came out looking pretty good. Everything is geometry with no Normal maps to represent fake geometry.

Back to Art and Coding from a little break… looks like I won’t be going to the next place anytime soon… lots to do and plenty of time left to do it with. :grinning:

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Testing out my “Bridge Edge Modifier” in this morning’s Experimental Development build of Filmer 3.1.0 Alpha/b3d with Cycles-X, to build this non canon Star Fighter from the old Buck Rogers tv show.

Also testing out a faster light sampling convergence algorithm based on a paper for orthonormal calculations from 2016 and which I also happened to get a glance of when I was reading through the Unreal Engine Source Code a few days ago, it sure looked like the same algorithm.
Anyway, really cool stuff and just means that objects receive a higher range of accurate “path tracing ray hits” allowing for better light convergence and reflections at lower render samples. This helps bring back all the detail that is lost when using “Adaptive Sampling” combined with “Scrambling Distance”
Tested against official B3d 3.0.0 and I get a really good speed boost at lower samples and the speed boost becomes very apparent when a much higher sample count is needed for complicated scenes that need Volumes, Caustics and complex Glass, Glossy and Roughness Shaders.

Gonna do a demo video as soon as I recover from my recent weeks, long bout of Fevers due to TBI that happened to me at the age of three. Feeling pretty good and my Brain is starting to work much better. :grinning:

Man, your models are so sick! How long does it take you to model something like this latest example?

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Thanks. :grinning:

Normally it takes a few minutes for the basic design, like the base mesh “Thunder Fighter” above took 26 minutes spread out in the past 3 days. But normally, my fastest time was a 1 million + poly, UV unwrapped, textured, applied shader, and rigged “Star Destroyer” which took me 3 days to complete and deliver to the Client.

Clearly the Thunder Fighter above aint done, right now it is all Curves objects and a few Cylinders.
I’d need to set a day aside just to dedicate the time if needed, to UV unwrap it because sometimes I only need to spend a few minutes but if the model is complex, I spend a lot of time to get the highest UV texel density for texture painting which is normally 16K and lower at 32bit to 16bit textures.
Painting is easy but Baking the large textures to bitmaps takes about a looooong minute.

The Tardis below took 5 minutes because it is all mostly made of cubes and also made from a bunch of curves for the decals and such.

Played around for a few more minutes with the wings so that they open up X-wing style, it leaves room for missile launchers or other weapons in between the open wings.
Gonna add maneuvering thrusters like the Vipers in BSG. Now some sleep.

Amazing work!


Thank you very much. Happy that you like my work. :grinning:

Felt okay-ish today and had enough energy to focus a little bit so I took the time to code a new Caustic light feature into my custom built Filmer/b3d, it is marked red in the first screengrab. It works pretty good too. I stuck a light in the cockpit and cranked up the emission a little bit from 0.001 to 2.0 so you can see the caustics from the glass windows kick in. :grinning:

And here are a few wireframes. Was still feeling okay after coding so I spent a few minutes on panels and miscellaneous Boolean operations and the beginnings of the interior cockpit. I’m diggin’ the wings. :grinning:

I’ll post more stuff once I recover more and the better I feel. :grinning:

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Added “Next Estimation Event” Caustics feature into #filmer #b3d along with “Light Groups” and playing around with Custom Glass shaders. Also tweaked the Cycles render engine again to get several hundred time render speed up which I’ll record a demo later on, when I feel better. Ooh, and finally got around to updating my old Hitfilm Comp Importer from back in 2018 and it’s pretty pimp, I tracked some footage in Hitfilm with the Foundry camera tracker and exported it as a Hitfilm Composite shot into #filmer # b3d , more on that after the New Year. Pretty cool stuff. :grinning:

Oh yeah, got my #filmer #b3d Cycles Render engine, several hundred times faster than official Cycles-X in this morning’s development Filmer build.

It is super fast, I’m thinking of exposing a C++ hard coded setting that I used for this, into the Filmer UI so I can control the render quality for this render speed up on the fly because I can actually get it to render even faster. :slight_smile:

Official Blender 3.0.0 on the left, Filmer 3.1.0 Alpha on the right.

Rendered with 3072 samples which is over kill but this is a brute force render sample test so I went high.

Blender 3.0.0 took 02:48:85
Filmer 3.1.0 took 00:31:11

Gonna be sweet. :slight_smile:


Brain fart, forgot to mention that Filmer is using way less memory than official Blender. Whoops. :slight_smile:

Feeling pretty good today so I just coded a little eye candy for the 3D view Grid Floor. It is an adjustable alpha fade that spreads out from the World Origin.

No practical use other than it looks cool and I like it.
Gonna code some visual enhancements to the 3D camera as well so that I can see and make the “Safe guides” and “Title regions” have a better visible representation in the 3D viewport while viewing through the camera…
but I’ll have to pull myself away from the Model in the pics because now that I opened it in #filmer #b3d ,
All I want to do is add more detail and start working on the moving mechanical parts for the wings and weapons systems.
Uugh, but I really want to code the camera stuff, ah it don’t make no nevermind… maybe I’ll do both. :slight_smile:

Been feeling better the past week-ish.
Set some time aside today to port the code to my C++ 3D scene exporter to today’s Blender code dump which was pretty big… heh… code dump. :grinning:
Optimized the exporter code a bit for a nice speedup during Exports with high poly counts.

And had enough time to spend a few minutes on this model. Added some panels, moving parts and a few knickknacks

Testing out another new #filmer #b3d Development build from earlier this morning. Testing out my obj scene exporter in #hitfilm, just checking for mesh shading issues during Curves to mesh conversion and using lazy textures. The model aint even UV unwrapped so proper textures will come later.
The model is made of Curves and a bazillion Boolean Cutters and Difference ops backed up by my new Support edges, Boolean and Bevel ops. Also exports flawlessly into other dedicated 3D apps.

Fevers from TBI are acting up again so I’m gonna rest for a while… :slight_smile:

Couple of test renders with a bit of node compositing and experimental Comp speed ups.

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